4. Nov. 2014
Series expansion, modular head & new insert for MULTI BLADES HIGH FEED MILL "QM SERIES"

30. Oct. 2014
New product, Next-generation high feed machining cutter "SKS EXTREME".

30. Oct. 2014
New product, indexable radius cutter with highly efficient cutting for roughing process "WILD RADIUS".

20. Oct. 2014
Series expansion, 8D type for INDEXABLE EZ DRILL TEZD type.

21. Apr. 2014
Revised catalog (Wear & impact resistant tools).

28. Mar. 2014
Will exhibit and participate to the exhibition “INTERMOLD2014”.

30. Jan. 2014
Series expansion, 16mm dia. end mill to SWING BALL SWB type.

7. Jan. 2014
Series expansion, DV-SEHM type for ONE-CUT 70, achieves to cut smoothly on high hardened steel up to 70HRC.