22. Nov. 2013
Series expansion, strong edge MIRROR-S insert BNM-TG type for MIRROR-BALL BNM/MBN type.

31. Oct. 2013
Series expansion, "EPHW type HARD INSERT" for QM MAX MQX/QXP type.

29. Aug. 2013
New product, FINISH HARD REAMER DH-FHR type, for precise reaming on high hardened material.

1. Jul. 2013
Series expansion, 5D type for INDEXABLE EZ DRILL TEZD type.

10. Apr. 2013
Revised general catalogue (milling & drilling).

10. Apr. 2013
Will exhibit and participate to the exhibition “INTERMOLD2013” (Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition 2013).

6. Mar. 2013
New product, EZ DRILL EZSM type, solid drill for heat-resistant alloy.

4. Feb. 2013
New product, DV-OCSAR type, solid carbide radius end mill for heat-resistant alloy.

7. Jan. 2013
Series expansion, new finishing HRM-F type insert for MIRROR RADIUS RNM type.

7. Jan. 2013
Series expansion, "EOHW type HARD INSERT" for QM MILL MPM type.