DIJET is a comprehensive manufacturer of cemented carbide tool.

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DIJET is working on environmental activities considering prevention of pollution and protection of global environment at the position of 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). These efforts include acquisition of ISO14001, observance of environmental law and other requirements, management and reduction of waste, recycle of raw materials and containers, product development with considering environment by whole organization. Also as one of the members of regional community, we communicate with regional community and promote continuous improvement.

Development of Eco-friendly type products

JAPAN CEMENTED CARBIDE TOOL MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION(present JAPAN CUTTING & WEAR-RESISTANT TOOL ASSOCIATION) authorizes new products from manufacturers among members as activities for protection of global environment along with criterion. DIJET joined this system upon establishment and developed many Eco-friendly type products positively and many new products got certification. DIJET continuously develops these types of products and is active in the environment.


Raw materials of carbide tools include rare metals like tungsten, cobalt, and tantalum, which face exhaustion in the near future. DIJET cooperates with the recycling of carbide promoted by JAPAN CEMENTED CARBIDE TOOL MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION(present JAPAN CUTTING & WEAR-RESISTANT TOOL ASSOCIATION). We try hard to save and to utilize effectively these raw materials.

Certification of ISO9001 / 14001

DIJET acquired ISO9001 on Dec. 1997 and ISO14001 on May 2001. According to these acquirements, DIJET is promoting to provide improvement of product quality, reduction and management of wastes, re-use of containers, saving of energy and resources. Each department aims for the target, and works in cooperation with other departments.

Cleaning activities for the local community

DIJET employees have worked continuously in cleaning activities for local community, and local people recognize it as well. We will continue to contribute by communicating positively with local community.

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