DIJET is a comprehensive manufacturer of cemented carbide tool.

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Oct. 1938 Started manufacture and sale of cemented carbide tools as domestic division of Kobayashi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1950 Reorganized to Hyakunen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1954 Appointed Teitaro Ikezumi to the president.
June 1954 Renamed to DIJET Industrial Co., Ltd.
June 1962 Listed in the second section for Osaka markets.
Jan. 1971 Completed new carbide plant.
Mar. 1971 Developed cermet "SUZ", the first titanium carbide alloy in the world.
July 1972 Developed cermet "NIT", the first titanium nitride alloy in the world.
Sep. 1976 Launched "DIJET-Hosoi Mill", the first cemented carbide ball nose end mill in the world.
Oct. 1977 Appointed Nozomu Ikezumi to the new president.
Oct. 1977 "DIJET-Hosoi Mill", awarded prize by the Machinery Technology Promotion Association.
Aug. 1978 Launched "DIJET-Hosoi Drill", an innovative cemented carbide twist drill.
July 1979 Concluded technology and sales collaborative agreement with General Electric Company for FUTUREMILL cutters.
Sep. 1980 Completed Technology Research Center in the headquarters.
Oct. 1980 Concluded technology and sales collaborative agreement with KENNAMETAL.
Dec. 1980 Completed high-tech coating plant.
Oct. 1983 Established DIJET Incorporated in the USA as own subsidiary.
Mar. 1985 Completed Tondabayashi plant in Osaka.
Dec. 1985 Listed in the second section for Tokyo markets.
Sep. 1989 Listed in the first section for Tokyo, Osaka markets.
Apr. 1991 Reorganized Europe representative office to Europe branch in the U.K.
May 1992 Completed Mie plant in Mie.
Dec. 1992 Received Ford Q1 quality certification by Ford Motor USA.
Feb. 1996 Opened Bangkok office in Thailand.
Mar. 1996 Began operation of Mie carbide plant.
Dec. 1997 Acquired authorization of ISO9001 for all offices by JQA.
May 1999 Set up the domestic association of authorized distributors.
Sep. 1999 Launched "Mirror-Ball", ultimate precision indexable ball nose end mill.
Sep. 2000 Launched "Beam Drill", mono-block diamond solid drill.
May 2001 Acquired authorization of ISO4001 for all offices by JQA.
Oct. 2002 Opened Shanghai office in China.
Oct. 2002 Launched "Beam End Mill", mono-block diamond solid end mill.
June 2005 Completed Mie powder plant.
June 2006 Appointed Nozomu Ikezumi to the chairman and Ayumu Ikezumi to the new president.
Dec. 2006 Opened Guandong office in China.
Apr. 2007 Opened Mumbai office in India.
Jan. 2009 Completed the second cutting tool plant of Mie.
July 2009 Opened Dalian office in China.
Oct. 2010 Opened Wuhan office in China.
Jul. 2013 Dijet and Forgewang established a joint venture Dijet Forgewang Precision Die & Mold (Cangzhou) Co., Ltd. in China.
Nov. 2013 "Cermetal CT500 series", new titanium carbonitride composite material, awarded prize by the Materials Process Technology Center in 2013.
Dec. 2013 Opened Chengdu office in China.
Jan. 2015 Moved Europe branch to Dusseldorf, Germany.
Oct. 2016 Established DIJET GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany as owned sales subsidiary.
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