4. Nov. 2014
Series expansion, modular head & new insert for MULTI BLADES HIGH FEED MILL "QM SERIES".

30. Oct. 2014
New product, Next-generation high feed machining cutter "SKS EXTREME".

20. Oct. 2014
Series expansion, 8D type for INDEXABLE EZ DRILL TEZD type..

29. Aug. 2013
New product, FINISH HARD REAMER DH-FHR type, for precise reaming on high hardened material.

21. Apr. 2014
Revised catalog (Wear & impact resistant tools).

30. Jan. 2014
Series expansion, 16mm dia. end mill to SWING BALL SWB type.

7. Jan. 2014
Series expansion, DV-SEHM type for ONE-CUT 70, achieves to cut smoothly on high hardened steel up to 70HRC.